3 Ways To Boost Your Front Desk Performance

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February 3, 2014

3 ways to boost your front desk performance

It is not by accident that John Lewis have yet again been awarded Which? Awards Best Retailer 2013, Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2013, and Verdict Customer Satisfaction Awards Retailer of The Year 2013 as well as a whole host of other awards, or even that they have been asked to train NHS teams on customer service and improving the customer experience. So what can we learn from the king of customer service?

How to boost front desk performance

We all know that a good customer experience means more business. It increases the likelihood of us clinching the sale at the outset, it usually optimises spend per customer, and drives repeat business and referrals. The good news is that you can start providing great customer service from the very initial point of contact with your potential client by encouraging your front desk staff.

1. When your front desk team care it makes a difference

The single biggest difference at John Lewis to most other retailers is the fact that it’s a partnership. Therefore if the business does well, the employees see the benefits. Every employee owns a stake in the John Lewis Partnership which means that they really do care. By making your staff care about the outcome you can ensure your business performs better.

2. Empower your staff

By arming your staff with knowledge about the objectives and how they can meet them, but by not being too descriptive you are showing that you trust your staff. (Hire right and this shouldn’t be a problem!)

This also means that they will feel empowered to find the best solutions possible to resolve any queries or concerns that your customers may have, increasing the chance of your customers walking away happy.

3. Get your front desk feeding back

By ensuring your staff feed back on their experiences you can keep your management in touch with what your customers are looking for and will therefore be better able to meet customer’s needs and demands.

By empowering your staff to take a personal approach to your customers, and incentivising them to care you will drive improvements and more personal service within your business that will set you apart from the competition.

We can help improve your front desk performance, whatever your industry or niche, with our unique revenue intelligence programme. It gets on the frontline of your business to give you insightful data on where your strengths are and where you can improve. Find out more.

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