5 Benefits of Call Tracking Inbound Sales and Service Calls

If you’re not using inbound sales and service call tracking, you're missing lost business opportunities. Tracking form completions on your website is necessary but unless you’re call tracking you’re only looking at half of the picture.

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October 5, 2014

Five benefits of inbound call tracking

Business is about people, people talking to people, working with people, so tracking inbound phone calls and the conversations going on there can help lift your profits, the team and build collaboration. To know your marketing return on investment you need to know how many enquiries there were, where they came from and how were they handled.

1. More people access the internet via a mobile device now than a PC

You can expect phone calls to increase. With more and more of us accessing the internet via a mobile device, you know those calls are going to increase. “Click to call” or thumb your way through a mobile form? They are going to make that call. More mobile marketing, more mobility, not stuck at work in front of a PC quietly filling out forms, means more phone calls. So what happens when they call? They heard your radio add, they Googled you in their car (not whilst driving, clearly) and now they’re calling you. Do you know how engaged you are on every call?

2. Phone calls are further down the sales funnel meaning the conversion rates are higher

You’ve spent all that money on marketing (building your reputation is investing in your marketing), from direct marketing to testimonials and referrals, your prospects have done their research and now they want to speak with you. Every call you miss or poorly manage is either a lost sales opportunity, brand building or market research opportunity.  From our own client data, call conversions are easily double and more than that of web forms. Phone calls have a higher potential value than web form completions.

3. Identify hidden customer service issues

In reviewing a company’s best customer service calls, staff can learn how to answer the phone professionally and we can often find hidden complaints and customer service issues that the company is unaware of. A customer or a prospect calls in with a broken expectation, something happened that was not as expected; the information didn’t arrive, the call back wasn’t received, the delivery was late, or it just didn’t work. Perhaps the issue is quickly addressed, perhaps not. Perhaps they got an apology, perhaps not. Your opportunity to shine is now. Not being able to quantify this impacts on your ability to grow and reduce costs; your staff are busy with calls they shouldn’t be receiving, your referrals and testimonials are reduced.

4. Sample your business culture from the outside in

How does your company come across, what impression are you creating, are the staff following essential phone etiquette rules? An independent, outside in, view of your company reveals your company’s culture. From helpful, smiling, engaged and proactive, a real pleasure to deal with to hard work, unresponsive and troubled.  You can see how the latest important decision, recruitment, training, policy updates, processes and technology projects are permeating out into the big wide world and reflecting back on you.

5. Improve Your Customer Service

It's not just about identifying issues like the above, you can equally discover your strengths and improve them with telephone skills training. This could be in the form of hidden talent of employees who may be full of great ideas from working on the frontlines. Or it could be in identifying a new opportunity to up-sell.

Awardaroo can help you with inbound call tracking services. Our unique software is quick to install and can help you improve your customer service from day one.


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