How To Fix Silo Syndrome And Increase Profits

Learn how to fix silo syndrome in your business to increase productivity and profitability, with expert advice from the productivity experts.

Published on:

April 3, 2014

We’ve already spoken about the dreaded “Silo Syndrome“. If you recognise any of the symptoms in your business, here are some areas to look at, to help towards eradicating any “silo” tendencies and to work towards an increase in profits in your organisation.

How to fix silo syndrome

Don’t worry, this is not “blame culture”. If everyone feels responsible in moving towards a goal then ideas and successes will be celebrated. Good ideas can be lost in one department with an “oh, that’s not my job” shrug. However, with everyone pulling together towards a common aim you are more likely to foster sharing – of ideas, of help and of successes.

Sharing Data

Implementing a business performance solution means that you can spot issues as they happen and deal with them quickly. Areas of successes and achievements can be duplicated across other functions. Information freely shared across departments can be freely acted upon!

Speed of response to issues

If one area of the company is having issues or not perfoming as well as it should, Business Process Management (BPM) will help to identify these quickly. Each department will know how their actions impact on other departments, and will know the results of implementing changes, both positive and negative ones. This can only lead to improved performance.

Business growth

With everyone sharing information, and having employees who have been given the best tools possible to do their jobs, Silo Syndrome should soon be a thing of the past in your organisation.


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