Digital Training Increasingly Important For Marketing Success

Published on:

July 3, 2014

Technology changes and moves quickly, with new trends suddenly appearing and steering the direction of business marketing. This is why digital training for marketing is becoming increasingly important for marketing success, ensuring multi-channel opportunities are maximised and not missed.

The internet plays a pivotal part in most marketing campaigns nowadays, and having a firm grasp of the different media channels gives companies a competitive advantage.

Whether it’s social media, PPC (pay-per-click), online content creation or SEO (search engine optimisation), marketers need to know how best to engage with customers to engender loyalty and ultimately win business. As Awardaroo has always stressed, having the right skills and knowledge to make appropriate business decisions and communicate effectively with consumers enable companies to react swiftly to changing trends and customer likes. So it makes sense to learn the relevant digital marketing skills as a professional marketer.

According to Marketing Week, formal training is becoming popular, with fewer marketers wanting to simply learn skills on the job. At the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing), the foundation courses are the most popular; and at the Guardian News and Media’s training centre, the Media Academy, approximately 25% of marketers enrolling on courses are digital experts.

For some firms, instinct works best for social media initiatives. Ben Carter, head of central online acquisition at Betfair said: “You cannot learn how to have that conversation. You know what your brand stands for, what drives growth for your business and what your customers want.”

Social media is one aspect of digital marketing, however, and the technical knowledge requirements for others like PPC and SEO means formal training is a good idea. This way, time isn’t lost on learning by trial-and-error.

Michaela Petrikova, Saxo Bank online marketing co-ordinator, believes her training helped her enormously. “It is one thing to understand the mechanics of how PPC and SEO work, but it is another being able to implement it, identify opportunities and test it. I would have struggled to acquire those skills by myself without any training.”

Every business is different, with different marketing needs and budgets. Tailoring marketing campaigns to the individual firm’s requirements and audience makes sense as it will boost marketing return on investment (MROI) as well as increase its reach. It is for this very reason that Awardaroo spends a great deal of time working closely with companies, helping them to understand their target market and customers, and spotting trends, so they can adapt and react quickly and effectively when needed.


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