How to Politely ask for a Caller's Name

Learn how to politely ask for a caller's name to improve customer service and experience with this simple guide.

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February 3, 2014

We all know that we are more likely to agree to something if we like the person offering it. You wouldn’t go to tea with your worst enemy; you wouldn’t buy a car from a rude salesperson. There is one sure-fire way to get your caller to like you and I am going to tell you how.

How to politely ask for a caller's name

Now, don’t get carried away. This doesn’t mean you can say what you like, call them names, or be downright rude but it does mean that if you follow our single rule you are more likely to clinch that sale.

The best bit is….this secret doesn’t just apply to the phone. It applies to everything. From face to face conversations and letters, to emails and phone calls.

Imagine it: you are standing by the water cooler and Jack approaches you.
‘Hi, how’s it going’, his stock greeting gets your stock response ‘Yeh good, you?’.

This time James approaches ‘Hi [insert your name here], how are you?’ Same question. The only real difference is that James’ approach is more personalised. Your response is, in turn more real.

If you get a letter through the letterbox addressed to ‘The Occupier’ I bet your bottom dollar that it is more likely to go in the bin than one addressed to you with your name on the envelope or in the addressee line’.

Whether you realise it or not the use of a person’s name changes the level of conversation between you, improving the relationship and making it easier to get useful responses to questions.

Now translate this to the phone. Someone calls to make a booking. A simple question unlocks a wealth of power at your disposal:

‘Can I take your name please?’
‘Yep, it’s John Smith’

Not only does this improve that interpersonal connection that helps with the selling process, it also means that the whole level of conversation can be altered as it gives you the opportunity to interact.

When someone gives you their name they give you permission to interact with them. It makes questions like ‘are there any other dates that you are considering?’ or ‘what was it you had in mind’ possible, which in itself makes objection management easier. So next time you or your team pick up the phone don’t forget to ask ‘Can I take your name please?’ and then use it!

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