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How to Maximise a Small Marketing Budget

2 min read

Sep 6, 2012

Learn how to maximise a small marketing budget to grow your SME and increase your profitability with these simple tips you can implement today.

All businesses of a certain size have a marketing budget but do all businesses know how to get the best out of their marketing? How can you leverage marketing spend to ensure best returns? How do you know what’s effective? How do you measure?

How to Maximise a Small Marketing Budget

  1. Know what marketing gets results – set in place processes to track and evaluate how your marketing is performing.

  2. Discover the value in knowing why online visitors did or did not engage and convert – Find out why some visitors do not complete online processes, helping you to understand the true reasoning behind why some prospects convert to sales opportunities, while others do not.

  3. Use insights to boost profitability – removing the obstacles that prevent visitors from engaging and converting, you can place more focus on the positive aspects of your site. You can then start to enjoy improvements in profitability, increase customer retention and improve MROI from the word go.

  4. Quickly evaluate what works and what doesn’t and amend your marketing accordingly – with systems in place that are shared between all departments of your company, you can quickly see which marketing campaigns are working. If your tracking allows you to quickly see which marketing efforts increase sales then you can expand on these. If your marketing isn’t getting the results that you are looking for then you can change it and evaluate those changes with further tracking.

  5. Spend your marketing budget where it is needed – if you have the correct business processes in place, you will be able to see where your marketing budget is working or otherwise. Do you really know how well your marketing campaigns are performing if you don’t track and evaluate?

Marketing That Gets Results

Differentiate yourself from your competition by listening to your customers and using them as a learning tool – increase your competitive edge. Ultimately, you need to develop an offering that surpasses expectations in order to improve conversion rates, enhance business performance and ultimately and boost profitability. How can you do that unless you measure the results of the marketing & sales teams in your business?

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