How To Identify Business Bottlenecks

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October 20, 2013

How to identify business bottlenecks

Does your business have any internal bottlenecks? It can be hard to find and identify these, which either causes new bottlenecks or makes the original one worse. Any delays in replying to customers or sending out information that your customer has requested can cost you goodwill, time and business. Not good!

Business collaboration

If one department is expected to act on information from another department, companies need to make sure that the information is readily available and easily shared – business collaboration in action. At the heart of your business system there should be departmental collaboration. If you take a close look at your systems, is your business achieving true collaboration between departments and staff?  By bringing together sales, marketing and customer services information into a single place and making it easily accessible, Awardaroo will help you quickly increase your business productivity, revenue, profits and staff engagement – our case studies prove that.

How to identify business bottlenecks

With Awardaroo call conversation analysis feature you can collect valuable information to improve sales and increase the ability of your staff to collaborate with each other.  This promotes the flow of information – banishing bottlenecks and any jams in your flow of information. Awardaroo combines call recording with our call codifying service, integrates your website with your telecoms and connects your CRM with your visitors and enquiries.

Lose bottlenecks and increase staff productivity

Now you can quickly identify internal bottlenecks and fix them, increase staff productivity and increase your returns from your sales and marketing investments. Seeing the flow of information at a glance will help you identify where sales leads are coming from, how quickly they are followed up on, how efficiently they are converted, and what information your customers need to help them make a buying decision. Not only will information be kept flowing, but your sales funnel will be more regularly filled too!

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About Paul Freudenberg

Paul Freudenberg is a business productivity coach and consultant with a focus on operational excellence delivering improved profitability and business performance, and Founder of Awardaroo in 2005. Paul has set the mission of Awardaroo to help increase the business productivity of 10M businesses one behaviour at a time to amplify profitability, create a greener planet and build a better world by 2030. Connect on LinkedIn


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