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Best Western Hotel, Reading, finds many new opportunities to increase their revenues from their existing Front Desk operations and marketing activities using Awardaroo.


Best Western Hotel, Reading, is part of the world’s largest hotel chain. It has more than 4,195 hotels in over 100 countries. The name “Best Western” came from their origins in The United States, west of the Mississippi River.


They wanted to increase revenues across bedroom and event bookings without risking unbudgeted spend on additional marketing. The Front Desk was underperforming, but being run as a close-knit family business, it was difficult to address this. They needed to:

  • Increase revenues
  • Understand Front Desk short comings
  • Attract new customers beyond their existing loyal base
Best Western Hotel Case Study


At the heart of the improvement strategy was closer supervision of Front Desk calls with the Awardaroo Revenue Intelligence which provides a much closer tracking of the marketing results. This enables them to match marketing results against Front Desk call handling performance, on a daily basis if required, and to identify which issues to address first. Customer Service calls are also more closely monitored and organised which enables them to see any weaknesses in their communications and the consequent impact on their brand and how their customers perceive them.


Increased visibility of the business performance across many different areas is now clearly identifying actions needed to increase revenues. Essentially ‘big wins’ within the existing business processes are being quickly identified and managed within Awardaroo

"On seeing Awardaroo my first thoughts were that it would be invaluable. I would stand by that view."
Andrew MacLachlan General Manager Best Western Hotel, Reading
Best Western Hotel Case Study