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Bond Oxborough Phillips Bideford was looking for new ways to grow. Revenues had flattened, the team seemed to be working harder than ever, there was a real concern they were losing market share and fees were suffering as a result. The company was looking for help to grow in challenging market conditions.


  • Agent coaching online
  • Sales and service analysis
  • Workflow updates
  • Email feedback widgets
  • NPS Customer Surveys


Bond Oxborough Phillips Bideford have very loyal customers, they are experts in their field and have enjoyed many successful years in business. So how could we help an already productive team increase their revenues?

Here’s how we used The Awardaroo! Way to increase the revenues for Bond Oxborough Phillips – Bideford
  • We started with a one-month service experience benchmark of their incoming sales and service calls to see if any behaviours or operating methods were holding them back.
  • We provided regular individual sales and service coaching via live webinars at the agents’ desks, tailored to their own needs.
  • We ran monthly webinars with the Director to address service delivery issues seen on the calls. We improved the workflow and processes.
  • The agents’ sales and service skills improved week after week, so the business improved week after week.
Neil Philips - Bond Oxborough Phillips


Neil Philips – Partner

The programme is delivering; we are closing more business, getting more enquiries and the staff are feeling more in control. Crucially the programme is delivering more revenue, and I feel more able to expand the team now. The Rightmove Hub shows we’ve outperformed the rest of the group, our competitors and grown our market share.