Langstone Cliff Hotel - Devon

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The Langstone Cliff Hotel has been owned and managed by the Rogers Family since 1946.


The Langstone Cliff Hotel has 64 bedrooms, many with sea views. Boasting high-quality cabaret entertainment, they've been the number one choice when it comes to hotels in Devon for a long time.


Being a family run business, it's easy to get stuck in old ways and hard to change them when you want to. Sales were slow and they were running below their desired capacity since some staff members had recently left. They needed to:

  • Increase bookings from non-broker sites
  • Learn new methods to improve customer engagement
  • Better understand any front desk shortcomings
Langstone Cliff Hotel Case Study


A sales and service training programme was implemented with Awaradroo Revenue Intelligence assessing incoming sales and service calls. Awaradroo Revenue Intelligence identified new opportunities for improved call outcomes and hidden complaints. Individual online sales and service training was provided for the front desk staff and any operational issues raised with the General Manager.


A fresh external perspective on current sales and service behaviours has allowed the management and staff to reflect on current operating practices. The sales and service training has allowed them to increase bookings and improve customer satisfaction levels, whilst addressing identified operational issues.

"Awardaroo has helped us improve customer satisfaction levels more generally not just improve call outcomes and take more bookings.."
Mark Rogers, General Manager, Langstone Cliff Hotel
Mark Rogers, General Manager, Langstone Cliff Hotel