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Using insights from Awardaroo, Space Station Self Storage grew significantly throughout the 2008 recession, fended off much bigger rivals and successfully absorbed the new VAT increases.


Alastair Caldwell, McLaren’s former Team Manager, is one of the pioneers of Self Storage. He opened Space Station’s first Self Storage store in 1982. It now has five branches, four in West London and one in Slough.


In 2009 Space Station were competing against giants like Big Yellow and Safestore. Kevin Prince, a new General Manager was appointed with 15 years of Self Storage industry experience and Space Station needed to:• Grow during the deepest recession on record• Compete against big brand names and• Build their brand identity

  • Grow during the deepest recession on record
  • Compete against big brand names and
  • Build their brand identity
Space Station Self Storage Case Study


Awardaroo enabled Space Station to carefully track their offline marketing; stop non-performing activities, and pursue strategies with a good return on investment. A new focus on call handling and lead logging enabled measurement of rapport with callers, questions asked, lost calls, and how effectively the busiest times of day were managed. These, alongside a refocused website, drove significant improvements in Google rankings achieved through targeted SEO which outperformed industry giants, and Awardaroo's hands-on approach to the management of Google Ads were central to Space Station’s revised strategy.


The revised strategy saw Space Station Self Storage grow significantly throughout the recession, fending off much bigger rivals and successfully absorbing VAT increases. The use of Awardaroo enabled staff to be much more sales focussed, creating an increased sense of team leading to a more collaborative working environment.

"Awardaroo has helped Space Station Self Storage deliver substantial growth for over 5 years and helped us develop the systems and processes to make sales and marketing more effective"
Kevin Prince General Manager
Space Station Self Storage plc
Kevin Prince Space Station Self Storage Case Study