How to Grow a Plumbing Business in 7 Steps

For those already in the industry, this means there’s ampleopportunities to growtheir plumbing business. But knowing where to start is a challenge initself. Lots of small business owners, across industries, while they areexperts in their industry, aren’t experienced in business growth. 

How to Grow a Plumbing Business

There are a few key steps in growing a plumbing business, which might vary depending on the current size and status of your plumbing business. These are:

We’ll take a look at them all in more depth

Establish Your Brand Identity to Set Yourself Apart from Competitors

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve had an established plumbing business for some time, this step is important. A strong plumbing brand distinguishes you from competitors, cultivates trust and allows you to charge a premium for your excellent service. 

You’ll need a brand identity if you don’t already have one. This is your name, your logo, your values and your tone of voice to name a few. It’s essentially the personality of your business, showing what you have to offer your customers. 

Creating a brand doesn’t need to be a fancy marketing exercise. Think about what you’d want as a customer from a plumber. Most likely it’s a reliable, trustworthy, friendly and quality service, so let these qualities and values shine through in your branding. 

To help you stick to your branding, it can be helpful to create brand guidelines. This document includes everything you need to know about your brand. It’s a helpful document to refer back to and includes:

With your plumber brand guidelines in place, you can use them to roll out yourbranding across your business, for example, across online platforms, on your van and on business cards to name just a few.

Strategise and Plan to Grow Your Plumbing Business

A shocking 25% of UK SMEs have no business plan whatsoever. But there is strongevidence to suggest that businesses who do plan for growth see more success.

Your plumbing business strategy is what ties your business together. It gives the business a mission, goals and a means to get there.

Setting specific growth targets for your business can helpyou identify the activities you’ll need to focus on to get there. For example,if you want to increase yourplumber leads by 15% each quarter, you know you’ll need to investsignificant time in leadgeneration activities like local SEO and PPC.

It’s impossible to say what your exact plumbing business strategy will look like without knowing the unique needs of your business. You’ll need to consider the size of your business and set realistic goals for growth given internal operations and resources. You’ll also need to consider the external challenges your business faces like local competitors to ensure you strategise effectively.

Streamline Operations to Increase Efficiency

Great businesses are businesses with efficient internal operations. This efficiencyallows them to deliver a great service for a lower cost than competitors,helping them to increaseprofitability.

Businesses of all sizes struggle with streamlining internal operations. The commonculprits for this issue are:

Companies with sustainable long-term growth have a mindset of continuous improvement. They’renot satisfied with the status quo, they know they can always be improvingdifferent aspects across the business to help it grow.

This starts by documenting the exact processes and activities within the business. This allows these processes and activities to be analysed and reviewed, often using advanced analytic technologies. This allows businesses to gain insight as to where there are inefficiencies and where operations could be improved. 

Similarly, clear and transparent communication across the business aids continuous improvement. Frontline employees are best placed to know the unique challenges and opportunities the business faces and come up with the most practical solutions to tackle them, allowing businesses to run more smoothly and increase business productivity.

Increase Plumber Leads Through Traditional and Digital Marketing Channels

To thrive as a modern business, all businesses need an online presence and plumbers are no exception to this rule. This includes a website and accounts across relevant social media platforms as a start.

For plumbing businesses, it also means establishing a presence on third-party directories like Yell and Checkatrade, as well as creating a Google My Business listing to appear in local search results.

There are no end of digital marketing channels available to utilise to increase plumber leads, but for most businesses the best lead generation activities for plumbers are:

Local SEO is a lead generation machine for plumbers if you can get it right. You’ll need a well optimised website, that provides a great user experience, as well as targets keywords relevant to your service and location. You’ll also need to optimise your Google My Business listing by including as much information as possible and increasing your Google reviews to rank higher. These reviews also have the additional benefit of making you more trustworthy to potential customers.

Local SEO is so great because once you’ve put the time in and established yourself in the organic search results on Google, it will keep bringing in leads at no cost to you. But getting into the top rankings initially can be a difficult task depending on how competitive your local area is.

This is why plumbing businesses should use a variety of paid and organic lead generation channels to help grow their business. PPC, or pay-per-click, is a great way to bring in plumber leads straight away while you establish yourself in the organic results. These ads sit right at the top of the search results page and can be a lucrative lead generator if you target the right keywords and optimise your ads with extensions. Similarly, local search ads work like PPC ads, but appear within the map result just like a Google My Business listing.

Directories can be a great source of plumber leads, but not all directories are made equal, so be wary of throwing money at every directory and assuming it will bring you business. In general, the most popular ones, despite being the most expensive, are the best lead generators and the most trustworthy. 

Hire the Right Employees for Your Business

There are a few key steps in growing a plumbing business, which might vary depending on the current size and status of your plumbing business. These are:

Create a Process of Continuous Improvement to Sustain Growth Long-Term

There are a few key steps in growing a plumbing business, which might vary depending on the current size and status of your plumbing business. These are: