Awardaroo FAQs

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The Awardaroo Way FAQs

What is the TAW goal?

Double your revenues and halve the effort needed to drive continuous growth through high productivity work systems.

Do we need it?

No transformation or improvement programme can be successful without a problem to solve. High stress levels, long working hours, a negative culture or just lack of growth are symptoms of an underlying problem.

What is it?

A framework, a coaching programme and a toolbox of services:

  • TAW Framework with eight modules: Vision, People, Quality, Money, Comms, Workflow, Risks and Beliefs
  • TAW coaching programme that covers sales and service skills, leadership coaching and time management
  • TAW Toolbox that includes Awardaroo Revenue Intelligence Software for improving sales and service call conversations to make them more profitable, smiley face email feedback widgets, surveys and DISC personality tests

What does it deliver?

An updated and improved Business Operating System; i.e. you’re better organised, more efficient and more motivated (i.e. everybody wakes up in the morning and wants to get to work, quicker).

How long does it take?

Anything from 3-12 months is typical. Much depends and where you are today and the journey to where you want to be.

Does it take much of our time?

Not really. If we’re doing staff telephone sales and service skills it takes 20 minutes every other week with each staff member on a webinar. If needed there are workshops too.

Why does it work?

We create healthy, learning organisations that create growth. When your business is healthier and stronger than the competition, you increase your market share, increase your fees and get more referrals.

And how much does it cost?

We work out a customised plan with you based on your goals and needs. But it costs you every day your productivity is down, stress levels are high, your competitive advantage is not clear or your responses are not optimal. Every business can be improved, the question is only if the desire is there to do it.