The Sustainable Advantage

Creating sustainable advantage ensures enduring success by integrating eco-friendly practices, driving innovation, and aligning with societal values for lasting impact

Business Accountability Framework

First enhance your business's success with our REM7 Business Accountability Framework. Boost efficiency, transparency, and performance by setting clear objectives, assigning responsibilities, and tracking progress. Drive a culture of ownership and excellence, ensuring every team member is committed to achieving your company's goals. Elevate accountability, elevate results!

Then elevate your business with our Profit, People, and Planet Alignment Programme. Maximise profits while fostering a sustainable, socially responsible, and eco-friendly ethos. Achieve financial success, engage your workforce, and make a positive environmental impact. Unlock the full potential of your organisation with a triple-bottom-line approach to growth and success.

REM7 Business Improvement Framework
REM7 Business Accountability Framework

The Sustainable Advantage Process

Aligning Business Improvement with Sustainable Practices for Long-term Success

Assessment > Alignment > Allocation > Action > Accountability



In the 21st century, Business Agility Assessment and Benchmarking have evolved to encompass a holistic approach that aligns the economy, ecology, and well-being. This assessment now integrates sustainability practices, evaluating how a business contributes to ecological preservation and societal well-being.

It's no longer just about financial metrics; it's about ensuring that your business operates in harmony with the planet and society, reflecting a broader commitment to responsible business citizenship in a world increasingly focused on sustainable advantage.



Creating business alignment is essential for navigating today's complex business landscape. This dynamic approach thrives on embracing uncertainty, featuring short planning cycles, continuous reassessment, and rapid adaptability.

By actively seeking feedback and leveraging real-time insights, organisations can swiftly adjust their strategies, ensuring resilience not only in the face of market fluctuations and evolving customer preferences but also in addressing environmental sustainability concerns, aligning their actions with the imperative to protect our planet.



The REM7 Business Improvement Framework focuses on implementing regenerative business practices incrementally, one behavior at a time. This approach emphasises the gradual adoption of sustainable and socially responsible behaviours within an organisation.

This framework encourages employees to embrace regenerative practices, fostering a sense of purpose and sustainability throughout the company, ultimately contributing to long-term environmental and societal benefits while maintaining financial viability.



We set clear OKRs, Objectives and measurable Key Results to promote alignment, focus, and accountability at all levels, enabling your company to track progress, adapt to changing conditions, and drive continuous improvement in pursuit of strategic goals.

Regular and transparent reporting fosters accountability and enables timely adjustments, ultimately aiding in achieving objectives and maintaining transparency in business governance.



Regenerative Business Feedback and Adaptation, when aligned with profitability goals, involve a dynamic process of gathering insights, data, and stakeholder feedback.

By responding to feedback and adapting practices, you will identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve resource efficiency, and innovate, all while maintaining profitability. This iterative approach ensures that profitability and regenerative practices are mutually reinforcing, fostering long-term success in a sustainable, environmentally responsible manner.

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Chris Gilmore, Hotel General Manager
Chris Gilmore
Chris Gilmore, Hotel General Manager
Awardaroo conversational intelligence has opened my eyes to how we can improve our customer service and sales.
Sam Goss, Hotel General Manager
Sam Goss
Sam Goss, Hotel General Manager
Awardaroo conversational intelligence is an extremely useful and beneficial tool.
Mark Rogers, Hotel General Manager
Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers, Hotel General Manager
Awardaroo has helped us improve customer satisfaction levels more generally not just improve call outcomes and take more bookings.
Andrew MacLachlan, Hotel General Manager
Andrew MacLachlan
Andrew MacLachlan, Hotel General Manager
When I first saw Awardaroo's telephone skills training with their conversational intelligence I thought it would be invaluable, I would stand by that view.
Jon Knight, Interactive Whiteboards Sales Director
Jon Knight
Jon Knight, Interactive Whiteboards Sales Director
We can genuinely see a real return on our investment with a strategy covering sales pipeline, average order value and market penetration. Awardaroo! is a breathe of fresh air. Awardaroo have worked with us to put money in our bank account.
Mitch Mitchison, Estate Agent General Manager
Mitch Mitchison
Mitch Mitchison, Estate Agent General Manager
I would highly recommend Awardaroo to anyone running a business where personal interaction with customers is important and where they want to improve that engagement in a meaningful and effective way.
Martyn Russell, Estate Agent Owner
Martyn Russell
Martyn Russell, Estate Agent Owner
I can highly recommend Awardaroo for their business coaching skills as it goes well beyond what was originally expected. They care about our Business, they have improved staff engagement, raised our service levels, and improved enquiry levels.
Kevin Prince, Self Storage General Manager
Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince, Self Storage General Manager
Awardaroo has helped Space Station Self Storage deliver substantial growth for over five years .. and helped us develop systems and processes to make our sales and marketing much more efficient and transparent.
Kerry Newstead, Estate Agent Partner
Kerry Newstead
Kerry Newstead, Estate Agent Partner
The eCoaching has helped us to recognise more opportunities on the calls, we are much more aware now of how a call can be managed more profitably.
Davinder Gharial, Estate Agent Business Owner
Davinder Gharial
Davinder Gharial, Estate Agent Business Owner
Using Awardaroo contributed to us winning the ‘Best Estate Agent Guide 2018 – Exceptional’. The staff that engaged with the service really saw the benefits in improved call outcomes.