Meet the Team

This is the team helping to improve business and save the world one behaviour at a time.

Your Team

This is the Awardaroo team intent, committed and focused on creating a happier, healthier more equal humanity on a peaceful planet that endures, one business and one behaviour at a time. Collectively, we will achieve this by creating Regenerative Ethical Mindful (REM) businesses one behaviour at a time with Regenerative Business Execution.

REM5 business execution improves personal, professional and business productivity by considering and improving Traits, Trust, Time, Talent and Teach management to create market-leading business performance, a greener planet and a stronger society.

Paul Freudenberg Founder Awardaroo!

Paul Freudenberg

Chief Problem Buster and mission-driven to create a better world.

Tim Wickham Copywriter Awardaroo!


Copywriter and top-notch researcher.

Tim Wickham Copywriter Awardaroo!


Communicator and whizz with words.

Andrew Wicks Designer Awardaroo!


Designer, top bloke and a great designer.

Arihant Developer Awardaroo!


Developer, coding guru and maker of magic.

Lovelee Customer Service Awardaroo!


Customer Service Chief, keeper of promises and people person extraordinaire.