Meet the Team

This is the team helping to improve business and save the world one behaviour at a time.

Your Team

This is the Awardaroo team intent, committed and focused on creating a happier, healthier more equal humanity on a peaceful planet that endures, one business and one behaviour at a time. 

Collectively, we will achieve this by creating Regenerative Ethical Mindful (REM) businesses one behaviour at a time with our T5 Business Improvement Programme. 

T5 improves personal, professional and business productivity by considering and improving Time, Talent, Teach, Tools and Trust management to create market-leading business performance.

Paul Freudenberg

Chief Problem Buster and mission-driven to create a better world.


Chief Marketer and generally all-round really nice lady.


Chief Communicator and whizz with words.


Chief Designer, top bloke and very solid chap.


Chief Developer, coding guru and maker of magic.


Customer Service Chief, keeper of promises and people person extraordinaire.