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Pyrolysis Technology

Carlton Forest Group is a visionary family-owned business that is currently operated by Mark Pepper, CEO/Owner, Diane Ward, DCEO/Partner and Alex Matthias, CDO/Partner. The groups’ core focus is supporting and growing its portfolio of businesses whilst retaining its traditional business values which have been intrinsic to its success.

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Warren Steele
Project Development Director

Carlton Forest
S81 0TP

Our continuous pyrolysis plant, the PACS Series 1, can help solve this problem and generate high value commodities - eco-pyrolysis oil and eco-carbon char. The pyrolysis oil can be successfully refined into new fractions such as bio-fuel or chemicals, whilst the carbon char can be refined to support various manufacturing sectors such as paint, plastic, and steel. ​ The established pyrolysis technology, from our South African subsidiary, has been engineered, adapted, and upgraded to meet the rigorous environmental standards of operation in the UK. Our multinational engineering team, comprising some of the leading technical experts in their fields from the UK, South Africa, and Ireland, have worked to create a best-in-class technology that meets modern day requirements. The plant requires minimal human intervention to run and can cope with higher volumes of feedstock and is fully patented, certified, and proven. ​ ​Ours is the only current technology that offers a sustainable and circular process for end of life (waste) tyres that can operate in island mode and is low energy, modular and scalable, meaning it can be deployed in sites as small as 15,000 sq ft (c. 1,390 sq metres)