Green Machine

E Waste Management

We’re here to support you and your technology; whether that be through advice, repairs, IT disposal, or sales. Our recycling process shows how a circular economy can excel. Large corporations that no longer require their old computers (but need to ensure the data is destroyed appropriately), contact us. This is then collected by us and recycled, refurbished, and redistributed at low cost or donated to charities.

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Whittonditch Works

Having always worked closely with local schools, several of them approached us once lockdowns were enforced, pleading for some laptops that the school children could use to study from home. Throughout 2020-2022, our team have partnered with Wiltshire & Dorset Fire and Rescue Service to collect, refurbish and redistribute laptops across the UK. This initiative made a huge difference to the education of local students, who could have easily fallen behind in their studies. We now donate to charities and non-profit organisations too. Around 1.4 million people in the UK don’t have access to a home computer. We work with charitable organisations across the UK to get reliable technology to disadvantaged individuals.