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Why improving communication between departments is vital

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Sep 17, 2022

There is only one thing that matters in your business and that’s “communication” – both externally and internally. A bold statement, but everything you do within the organisation depends on he quality and frequency of your communication, one way or another.

How well do your sales & marketing team communicate with each other?

Does your business have a business process management system which ensures that the key players know what is going on? More importantly, why is this important?

Why improving communication between departments is vital?

It’s a common problem amongst many companies of a certain size – it’s what we call the Silo Syndrome. Teams become disconnected and isolated in the minutiae of their daily routines and projects. It can be easy for them to lose sight of the bigger picture – that’s if you’ve ever communicated the bigger picture to them.

After all, it’s been shown time and time again that employees and teams that are engaged fully in the business of the organisation – those who understand the goals – are far more likely to achieve them. That’s why, as a business owner, it can be helpful to look at ways in which you can encourage organisation-wide collaboration between your key teams.

Communication is the difference between profit & loss

Often, a company is labouring under conditions leading to stagnation. They are in danger of becoming a Zombie Business, even though positive change is within reach.

Many companies are not looking at their own business intelligence – perhaps because they don’t know how to meaningfully access it – and because of that, they are missing opportunities to make changes which will increase productivity, collaboration between departments and most importantly profits – profits which are already there to be had within the business model.

How do you encourage meaningful collaboration between your sales, marketing & customer service departments? Are they motivated to see the benefits of working as teams rather than as individual silos?

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