How To Improve Sales Team Performance

Discover how to improve sales team performance through effective communication and management to drive your business growth and profitability.

Increasing sales is fundamental to growing your business

By paying the same attention to improving your sales team performance as you do to improving your products and services you can drive your profitability. There are many factors that can impact on your sales team performance but creating a high-performance sales culture will ensure you reach your customers more often with the best sales offers and propositions.

How to Improve Sales Team Performance

A business improvement framework will define a sales process that defines a repeatable process for sales success. Ten elements of that are listed below.

  • Effective Sales Communication

With an effective sales communication strategy in place, you can share organisational sales goals throughout your business to develop a successful sales programme and encourage sales ownership and awareness of product updates and changes. Clear communication between the sales, service and marketing teams will save time and remove conflict.

  • Effective Sales Management

Effective sales team management is essential for improved sales team performance. Recruit, retain and motivate the right sales staff to achieve your sales goals.

  • Set Standards For Sales Performance

Benchmark your top salespeople then communicate this throughout your organisation. Mimic these behaviours in your sales team to boost your sales team performance.

  • Identify Target Customer Segments

Strengthen your sales and marketing efforts by placing a greater emphasis on the products, services and customer types that deliver the best margins.

  • Implement A Sales Training Programme

Implement a sales training programme to make sure that your sales team is properly trained, this is an important element in helping them to achieve their sales goals. By providing them with the resources and skills they need to do their job effectively, you give them the power to play a major role in the overall sales performance success of the company.

  • Implement A Sales Incentive Programme

Setting up an effective sales incentive programme gives your sales team a reason to achieve great things. Rewarding staff for their accomplishments will not only improve your sales team performance but also boost job satisfaction helping to create a successful and happy team that delivers time and

  • Use Upselling To Boost Average Order Value

Encouraging your sales team to up-sell increases the average order value and customer lifetime value when selling to existing customers. By delivering more value you can increase customer satisfaction, providing the upsell further satisfies the customer’s original need.

  • Tier Your Customers

Assigning different values to your customers ensures that your best customers get the attention they need, whilst low tiered customers are also treated appropriately for the revenue they create.

  • Reward Your Customers

Customer reward programmes can be beneficial to your sales team performance. Offering referral bonuses and incentives is a simple technique and can deliver considerable improvements in both customer loyalty and repeat sales.

  • Offer a Persuasive Guarantee

Offering customers free trials, test drives and guarantees is a sure-fire way to attract more prospects. Customers are also more inclined to refer a product or service to others if they have been provided with a free sample that has delivered satisfaction.

  • Conduct Workplace Personality Testing

Workplace personality testing and coaching such as DISC personality testing will help your staff understand their own workplace personality type and those of their peers and customers. By knowing this they can adjust their workplace behaviours and sales techniques accordingly to improve sales outcomes and help build a stronger sales team.

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