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Improve your marketing Return on Investment with Awardaroo call tracking solutions.

Phone Call Tracking for UK Businesses

We offer an affordable inbound call management solution for a wide range of UK businesses.

Virtual Call Tracking

Virtual Phone Number

Awardaroo provides call tracking virtual phone numbers with call conversation analysis.

We can help with a wide range of business UK phone numbers, including local numbers and 03 and 08 numbers to suit the specific needs of your business. So whether you need a dedicated number for your business, a landline phone number for staff work mobiles or to support your expansion into new locations, we can help. 

Our virtual call tracking numbers include call conversation analysis. This helps drive increased call conversion rates for your business, as well as giving unique insights into operational management improvement opportunities.

Virtual Phone Number

12 Essential Telephone Behaviours

Welcoming Behaviours


Engaging Behaviours


Competent Behaviours


Listening Behaviours


Helpful Behaviours


Responsive Behaviours


Empathetic Behaviours


Curious Behaviours


Positive Behaviours


Thankful Behaviours


Polite Behaviours


Productive Behaviours


Call Tracking Software

Why Use Call Tracking Software

There are no end of reasons businesses might use call tracking software.

Many businesses use virtual numbers as vanity phone numbers. They’re easier to remember for your customers and relate to your business, product or service.

Similarly, virtual phone numbers can be used to test new markets. The most popular way of doing this is with a local dialling code. This also allows you to optimise your local rankings with dedicated phone numbers for Google My Business listings.

By far the biggest reason is to get better insights into your frontline operations. This allows you to discover missed contact opportunities and maximise every customer contact point.


Paul's conversation intelligence has opened my eyes to how we can improve our customer service and sales.
Chris Gilmore, Hotel General Manager
Paul's conversation intelligence is an extremely useful and beneficial tool.
Sam Goss, Hotel General Manager

Our Intelligent Inbound Contact Handling Solutions include:

  • Virtual Call Centre
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Whisper
  • Post-Call DTMF
  • Call Recording
  • Caller Routers
  • Custom Announcements
  • Hunt Groups
  • Mobile Routing
  • IVR Menus
Inbound Contact Handling Solutions
Phone Call Tracking Software

More on our Phone Call Tracking Software features:

Call Queuing

Don’t miss a call and keep callers informed by holding them in a queue.

Call Recording

When combined with Awardaroo call analysis, you get deep business insights delivered to you for immediate insight and practical actions for business improvement.

Call Whisper

Play a message to an agent advising them of the source of the call for enhanced customer service.

Caller Routes

Route calls to different destinations according to the caller’s number or CLI or time of day amongst many other possibilities. Ensure the caller gets the most relevant service, reduce call time, minimise transfers and increase customer satisfaction.

Custom Announcements

Engage with your callers immediately creating a positive first impression. A professionally recorded welcome at that start of their call is important. They can then connect directly, hold in a queue, leave a voicemail, press 1 and so on. This is tailored for your business needs.

Hunt Groups

Ensure a call always gets answered by finding the first available phone to call in a hunt group. Combine this with a call whisper in the agent’s ear so they know where the call comes from.

Mobile Routing

Divert your landline numbers to mobiles to ensure calls get answered by a field agent when possible, then divert if unavailable to head office to give a first class service.

IVR Menus

Create any combination of levels in the IVR or auto attendant menu you like with options to leave a voicemail, connect to reception, go into a hunt group and more.

Custom Announcements

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