Who Are The Winners Of The Second Earthshot Prize Award?

In its second edition, the Earthshots Prize launched a global search for the most innovative solutions to the planet’s environmental challenges.

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Every year, in accordance with the goal of preserving the environment and reducing negative impacts on the planet, Earthshot prize awards are given to those who have innovative solutions to the five biggest environmental challenges. The Earthshots project is focused on three main areas of interest - transitioning to renewable energy for all, reducing methane emissions and constructing buildings fit for the future.

This year's Earthshots challenges are:

  • Protect and Restore Nature
  • Clean our Air
  • Revive our Oceans
  • Build a Waste-free World
  • Fix our Climate

In its second edition, the Earthshots Prize launched a global search for the most innovative solutions to the planet’s environmental challenges. This ambitious process lasted for nine months, during which thousands of applications worldwide were considered. Ultimately, 15 finalists from 10 countries were chosen through a selection process with the support of an expert committee. The solutions to the biggest environmental challenges from each winner were truly brilliant. With their solutions, they change the game all over the world and help achieve the Earthshots goals, and at the same time have a positive impact on society, the community, and every individual.

Five winners of the second edition of the earthshots prize award 

After a specific and rigorous process of elimination and selection of the most effective and innovative solutions, according to The Earthshot Prize judges, the winners for 2022, divided into individual challenge categories are:

  • Clean our Air: Mukuru Clean Stoves, Kenya – A start-up providing cleaner-burning stoves to women in Kenya to reduce unhealthy indoor pollution and provide a safer way to cook
  • Protect and Restore Nature: Kheyti, India – A pioneering solution for local smallholder farmers to reduce costs, increase yields and protect livelihoods in a country on the front of climate change
  • Revive our Oceans: Indigenous Women of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia – An inspiring women-led program that combines 60,000 years of indigenous knowledge with digital technologies to protect land and sea
  • Build a Waste-free World: Notpla, United Kingdom – A circular solution creating an alternative to plastic packaging from seaweed
  • Fix our Climate: 44.01, Oman – Created by childhood friends who have developed an innovative technique to turn CO2 into rock, and permanently store it underground

Each winner received a cash prize of £1 million at the official Earthshot Awards ceremony on 4 December 2022. Speaking during the ceremony, The Prince of Wales said:

“I believe that the Earthshot solutions you have seen this evening prove we can overcome our planet’s greatest challenges. And by supporting and scaling them we can change our future. Alongside tonight’s winners and finalists, and those to be discovered over the years to come, it’s my hope the Earthshot legacy will continue to grow, helping our communities and our planet to thrive.”