Continuous Business Improvement Framework

An actionable Business Improvement Framework delivers order and clarity to a place
where there are conflicting and confusing priorities and opinions

The Thinking Organisation

The Thinking Organisation is an actionable framework that creates a step-by-step guide to take the guesswork out of business growth with a coaching programme and a critical toolkit for business performance success.

The Thinking Organisation

Benefits Summarised

A business improvement framework manages change effectively and efficiently, it ensures that the full benefits of change are realised.

Without a framework, a benefit seen in one part of an organisation, team or individual may impact negatively on another.

The biggest benefits come from connected changes that are reflected across an entire organisation, not just within a single area.

Man with Benefits Summarised
Benefits for the Organisation

Benefits for the Organisation

  • Organisational productivity improves so more value is created in less time, increasing profitability.
  • It creates an improved organisational design that’s more responsive.
  • The company can innovate much faster with the increased transparency it provides.
  • Best practice standards are evolved and are more easily and widely adopted.
  • Strategy, planning and execution become as one with the increased market and organisational self-awareness.

Benefits for the Individual

  • Personal productivity will improve allowing staff, managers and directors to create more value in less time which is rewarding, builds self-esteem and lowers stress.
  • With a broader view of the organisation individuals feel more connected and engaged with the organisation.
  • People feel better able to take risks and ownership of issues without repercussions.
  • Improved understanding of an individual's own role.
  • Improved leadership and management skills are developed.
Benefits for the Individual


Awardaroo conversational intelligence has opened my eyes to how we can improve our customer service and sales.
Chris Gilmore, Hotel General Manager
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Awardaroo conversational intelligence is an extremely useful and beneficial tool.
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Benefits for the Team

Benefits for the Team

  • Silos between departments and roles are broken down.
  • Improves or enhances the relationships between the staff, managers and the organisation that become more reciprocal instead of command-and-control.
  • Day-to-day management of work is more rewarding and more easily managed.
  • Decision making is shared with those closest to the problems.
  • Highly productive work systems (HPWS) are created.

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