REM5 Carbon Management System

Quickly understand your carbon footprint with meaningful analytics on your journey towards net-zero, net gain and regeneration with a customisable carbon reduction strategy.

Carbon Management System

Our carbon management system will help you create a greener planet and build a better world whilst improving your business performance. It will easily measure and manage your carbon reduction programme because it’s more important to focus on reducing your carbon footprint than measure it. But we do both.

Carbon accounting

Improve your business performance by making carbon accounting a part of everyday decision-making, embedding carbon into your decision-making processes, so it's not just a carbon footprinting exercise. With the right sustainability reporting and environmental accounting, everyone can see your company’s environmental responsibilities.

This is great for business as it improves efficiencies, and brand value and attracts the best staff and customers.

Calculate carbon footprint

Identify the direct and indirect greenhouse gasses created in running your business to create your business's carbon footprint. These are known as Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, we’ll make it easy to do, saving you time and allowing you to focus on reducing your carbon footprint, not measuring it. All greenhouse gasses are given C02 equivalents, we’ll make the process of conversion straightforward when creating your company’s carbon footprint so you can share it widely and start reducing it.

Achieve NET ZERO

Achieve net-zero by balancing the carbon emitted into the atmosphere by your business, and the carbon you remove from it or offsetting as it’s called. However, the focus needs to be on reducing the emissions, not offsetting, which is our focus. This means you’re helping to create a greener planet and a better world whilst also improving your business performance..

Manage your emissions

Show you’re in control of your emissions to attract and retain the best staff, the most valuable employees, and investors. Going paperless, using e-signatures, recycling, reusing and reducing are all strategies to help reduce your carbon footprint and save money. Including climate targets in staff and managers’ objectives will create the right mindset, culture and behaviours. Increasing the efficiency of your business and minimising waste will reduce your emissions and costs.

The Awardaroo Business Improvement Programme Provides

●    Processes critical for growth
●    Improved alignment across staff and customers
●    Improved recruitment and retention
●    Improved end-to-end coordination

The traditional approach to solving business growth issues is to drive sales harder or run a marketing campaign. This is an understandable response, but it’s reactive.

Business Improvement Process

  1. Prepare leadership to focus on customer needs, finance and transformation.
  2. Assess your business culture for continuous business improvement.
  3. Implement a programme approach and help sustain it so it becomes business as usual.
  4. Technology review.
  5. Consistent messaging.
  6. Involve every employee to increase productivity, accountability and buy-in to create an enterprise-wide programme.
  7. Establish value chain impacts, value streams and critical paths that may be impacted.

Improve your revenue efficiency by 20-30% in the next 3 months

Find out how you can improve your business performance and profitability today. Book a complimentary 30min strategy call to see how internal growth can help transform your business one behaviour at a time, create a greener planet and build a better world. Be part of a global solution, not part of the global problem.

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