Agile HR Business Improvement

A positive pathway for private companies towards healthier profits, people and planet with Agile Business Execution

Boosted Business Performance

The REM5 Agile Business Improvement Programme offers numerous benefits. It enhances operational efficiency, reducing costs and waste. By identifying and addressing weaknesses, it bolsters productivity and employee morale. Your company becomes more agile, adapting to market changes swiftly. This programme also encourages innovation, driving growth and profitability. Furthermore, it instills a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring long-term sustainability. Embrace the benefits of our Business Improvement Programme to thrive in today's competitive business environment.

REM5 Business Improvement Programme
Business Management System

Improved Profitability

By refining your business one behavior at a time, you will witness substantial improvements in your sales and service proficiency. Moreover, you'll experience notable growth in your leadership and people management skills. These refined behaviours will cultivate a culture of heightened empathy, deeper understanding, and sharpened problem-solving abilities, ultimately resulting in elevated communication effectiveness and heightened productivity levels.

High Performance Teams

High-performing teams are born from the synergy of a compelling vision, meticulously defined role-fit, elevated levels of engagement, mutual trust, and highly effective communication skills. This not only fuels innovation but also promotes seamless collaboration among team members creating a cohesive teamwork that ultimately propels an organisation toward greater success and achievement of its goals.

Business Management System
Business Management System

Greener, Cooler Planet

In our mission to contribute to a more environmentally sustainable and cooler planet, we assess your carbon footprint, thoroughly examining the impacts within Scopes 1, 2, and 3, and subsequently devise a comprehensive carbon reduction strategy. Engaging all employees in this endeavour ensures that sustainability becomes an intrinsic part of your organisational DNA and everyday operations. This commitment translates into tangible gains in operational efficiencies and overall business performance.

Building Stronger Families

In the 21st century, the essential skills, mindset, and behaviours required for running and thriving in a successful business can have a profound impact on nurturing stronger, more resilient families. These capabilities go beyond the corporate realm, extending into our personal lives, fostering a synergy between professional and familial growth. The shared behaviours, social skills, and heightened awareness of sustainable practices not only enhance business success but also significantly contribute to improving communication, fostering meaningful discussions, and ultimately enriching the quality of family life too.

Business Management System
Business Management System

Inclusive Resilient Society

Our approach involves systematically fostering alignment between work, life, and the ecology on an individual business level, contributing to the development of a more resilient and inclusive society. Through initiatives such as the expansion of green spaces, advocacy for healthier lifestyles, and the allocation of increased resources for public services, all underpinned by enhanced business performance, we aim to cultivate a thriving society that empowers families, strengthens communities, and safeguards our planet's well-being.

REM5 Business Improvement Framework

The REM5 business improvement framework improves personal, professional and business productivity and performance one behaviour at a time. It creates stronger teams, improved decision-making and enhanced leadership skills. In this way, it improves your bottom line and builds bandwidth and capacity into the organisation allowing it to become a Regenerative Ethical Mindful (REM) business.  By developing your competitive advantage and increasing resilience, the business can help all stakeholders to create a greener planet and a better world.    

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The Regenerative Ethical Mindful (REM) business amplifies margin, revenue and profits, creates a greener planet and builds a better world. It achieves this with increased levels of personal, professional and business productivity, competitive advantage and resilience.


With Alignment we create something beautiful, elegant, that raises the human spirit, that regenerates not just business, but the planet, people, family, community and society. We develop and maintain strong personal and professional relationships, build innovative solutions, lead and manage teams more profitability.


Create a cohesive and consistent brand identity, build recognition and develop an emotional connection with your market.


Create a learning environment that encourages creativity where knowledge is shared, collaboration is encouraged, respect and self-esteem grow and traditional hierarchies are supported with structures that build internal competitive advantage. 


Develop business and social skills that boost sales, focus, engagement and motivation. Here we sharpen the tools needed for effective business improvement and enhanced competitive advantage.


This identifies obstacles to growth, issues and risks and improves personal, professional and business time management skills to make the most of every day and achieve both short and long term goals in the shortest period.


Improve efficiency, productivity, collaboration, decision making and communication with the right business tools.


Trust oils the wheels of the high-performance individual, team and organisation. Without a culture of trust, information can’t flow freely, new ideas are still borne, and competitive advantage is eroded.


Improved awareness of our own personality traits and those of others creates stronger relationships, improves communication, and builds more resilient and effective teams.

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