REM5 Employee Wellbeing Management

Awardaroo employee wellbeing management provides a wellbeing index and support plans to monitor progress.

Employee Wellbeing Management

Improve employee productivity and performance, reduce absenteeism and staff turnover and develop a more collaborative culture with employee wellbeing management.

Professional Wellbeing Index

Staff have to balance their work, home and spiritual (why we get up every day) life to ensure they have balance and perform at their best in all areas. Awardaroo provides a wellbeing index and identifies areas of conflict that guide the creation of a support plan.

The Professional Wellbeing Index is based on academic research, insights from neurology and psychology and validation of 1.5million participants worldwide.

It's about working together

It’s not about working harder or smarter, it's about working together. Technology is not the answer to improved business productivity, it's only a support once the answer has first been identified. Being employee centric comes before being customer-centric. Whilst this sounds counterintuitive, it’s because management thinking is still steeped in the old industrial paradigm of the 20th century of command and control and hierarchies.

Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

There’s a huge financial and human cost to challenges around mental health, and physical health. But less recognised would be the impact of poor spiritual health where people feel disconnected from their work and why they are doing it. The impact of your wellbeing strategy can be seen at the company-wide level, team level and individual level so the right interventions can be made and their results seen.

Health and Wellbeing Benefits

A proactive approach toward health and wellbeing in the workplace will have many benefits including increased personal, professional and business productivity, increased staff engagement and motivation, improved communication, higher staff retention rates and improved workplace culture. It will also enhance family and community life and improve your profitability.

Business Wellbeing

Staff wellbeing becomes business wellbeing with our employee wellbeing management. You will have a simple, robust and cost-effective way to see the impact of your intervention strategies on your business performance. It becomes an independent and impartial assistant to you so you can understand workplace wellbeing and have meaningful discussions with your staff and teams.

The Awardaroo Business Improvement Programme Provides

●    Processes critical for growth
●    Improved alignment across staff and customers
●    Improved recruitment and retention
●    Improved end-to-end coordination

The traditional approach to solving business growth issues is to drive sales harder or run a marketing campaign. This is an understandable response, but it’s reactive.

Business Improvement Process

  1. Prepare leadership to focus on customer needs, finance and transformation.
  2. Assess your business culture for continuous business improvement.
  3. Implement a programme approach and help sustain it so it becomes business as usual.
  4. Technology review.
  5. Consistent messaging.
  6. Involve every employee to increase productivity, accountability and buy-in to create an enterprise-wide programme.
  7. Establish value chain impacts, value streams and critical paths that may be impacted.

Improve your revenue efficiency by 20-30% in the next 3 months

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