High Impact Leadership Development Programme

Leading with emotional intelligence (EQ), with self-awareness and awareness of others is at the heart of our high impact leadership development programme. The role of leadership today is to galvanise the social forces within business.

Become a more effective leader

Change is now the only reliable constant and so leadership needs to be adaptable and flexible. With more remote and hybrid working, leadership must evolve to meet the needs of today's business challenges.

Be a better leader
Effective leadership

High impact leadership development training

Effective leadership is essential in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world. But it’s not what it was, back in the day, way back when in the 20th century, command and control, hierarchies, them and us ruled. Today we need to be regenerative, ethical, mindful leaders to build future profits but also build a better world and effective teams.

Teams and motivation

Leadership today is more about creating teams than hierarchies, more about understanding than dictating, and more about being present than remote.

Teams are different today. Motivation is different. Carrots and sticks aren’t a good motivator any more, if ever they were. The modern leader can’t be remote, hidden away, they need to be visible and involved.

Teams and motivation
Develop your leadership pipeline

Leadership is a shared endevour

Leadership today is more relational than transactional, it all means a different and better approach to leadership is required. Leadership today cannot be confined to a few selected people. Leadership today needs to be demonstrated by everybody in the organisation. People need to feel able to lead their own role, their function, to develop and improve as circumstances and situations demand. Whilst making the organisation more agile, it also nurtures, grows and develops new senior leaders within the organisation.

Positively influence others

Develop your personal leadership and time management skills so you can positively influence and persuade others, handle difficult situations and increase your resilience when under pressure.

Teams and motivation
Develop your leadership pipeline

Make more effective decisions

The first priority of any leader is to make effective and sound decisions. Good decision making is a fundamental part of successful leadership. The critical decisions you make will determine the success of your organisation, your team and of yourself. You're having to make decisions every day, every hour. The easier this becomes, the more effective you will be.

Be an effective role model

You are a role model for other leaders, your managers and staff. You’re defining the behaviours, workplace culture and acceptable way of working for the rest of the organisation or team. They will follow in your footsteps. Your day-to-day behaviours will affect your company’s or team’s performance more than anything else.

Teams and motivation
Develop your leadership pipeline

Relationship building

A leader needs to build strong working relationships with their managers, partners, suppliers and employees. They need to build exceptional teams if they are to deliver an exceptional customer experience. To be an effective leader you need to create high performance teams built with effective working relationships.

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