High Performance Work Systems

High-performance work systems create an environment in a business that allows an employee greater involvement and responsibility. A key benefit of adopting a high-performance work system is an increase in business productivity and efficiency.

High Performance Work Systems

Employees are seen as valued partners of the business which makes it possible to create and maintain competitive advantage because of the commitment of the employees to help the business succeed.

Improved Business Performance

High-performance work systems drive improved business performance by addressing both the systemic view, how all the parts best fit together and the systematic view, defining the processes through the parts.

These structures evolve from both the bottom-up and in response to the required business strategy.

Increased Value in HR

HPWS maximise the value of HR which is often only seen as a means to manage employee recruitment, onboarding, performance appraisals, and staff terminations. HR becomes involved with job satisfaction and employee motivation and in improved hiring to ensure that staff are recruited for the company culture, values and beliefs.

Better Strategy Implementation

Strategy implementation is weak in many businesses because the employees are not fully aware of the strategy, do not understand the benefits it will bring them or the company and do not fully understand how their role fits in with it. A HPWS combines strategy with execution so leading to an improved strategy implementation.

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More Motivated Employees

Improved job satisfaction and organisational commitment creates more motivated staff. Staff attitudes, motivators and behaviours are addressed in creating a High Performance Work System and with fewer status barriers, increased employee inclusion and improved systems, staff are more likely to be committed to helping the business succeed.

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