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Leadership can be a lonely place, but it doesn't need to be. With increased staff engagement, deep insights into obstacles to growth and our support, you're not alone. We work with our clients to deliver solid, sustainable results to their bottom line.

Effective Leadership

A Business Improvement Programme that brings all aspects of running your business into a single place allowing you to develop more effective leadership skills.

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Improved Decision-Making

The Awardaroo Way (TAW) is a business productivity improvement programme made up of a unique toolset, coaching programme and framework.

Improved decision-making will help you be a director of change and the enabler of a bigger vision with a focus on achieving growth, whilst satisfying customers, staff, partners and suppliers to create a winning team.

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Better Performance Insights

We help our clients develop effective leadership skills, behaviours and mindsets so they have the tools required to address key operational issues and deliver improved business performance.

As a leader you need clear, concise and well-informed insights on the issues impacting your business performance to help drive effective operational change and sustained growth.

More Control Over Results

To be an effective leader you will need to remove managerial and organisational barriers preventing growth such as a politically charged environment and cross-functional conflicts. Creating the right environment for growth is essential.

Awardaroo has helped us improve customer satisfaction levels more generally not just improve call outcomes and take more bookings.
Mark Rogers, General Manager
Langstone Cliff Hotel
When I first saw Awardaroo I thought it would be invaluable, I would stand by that view.
Andrew MacLachlan, General Manager
Best Western Hotel, Reading

The Awardaroo Business Improvement Programme Provides

●    Processes critical for growth
●    Improved alignment across staff and customers
●    Improved recruitment and retention
●    Improved end-to-end coordination

The traditional approach to solving business growth issues is to drive sales harder or run a marketing campaign. This is an understandable response, but it’s reactive.

Improved Team Building

Even experienced, trained and motivated employees cannot deliver their best if the system and environment surrounding them are holding them back.

Business Improvement Process

  1. Prepare leadership to focus on customer needs, finance and transformation.
  2. Assess your business culture for continuous business improvement.
  3. Implement a programme approach and help sustain it so it becomes business as usual.
  4. Technology review.
  5. Consistent messaging.
  6. Involve every employee to increase productivity, accountability and buy-in to create an enterprise-wide programme.
  7. Establish value chain impacts, value streams and critical paths that may be impacted.

Improve your revenue efficiency by 20-30% in the next 3 months

Find out how you can improve your business performance and profitability today. Book a complimentary 30min strategy call to see how internal growth can help transform your business one behaviour at a time, create a greener planet and build a better world. Be part of a global solution, not part of the global problem.

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