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Incredibly Profitable

A regenerative business is at least 30-40% more profitable than an equivalent transactional business of the 20th century. Those businesses are characterised by clocks, machines and armies. That model worked well for industrial capitalism with workers seen as widgets, but it won't work for the 21st century's inclusive capitalism. The industrial economy was built by commanding bosses, the regenerative economy will be built with constructive behaviours.

New societal responsibility

A regenerative business recognises its new critical role in societal leadership and moves the world away from being too transactional to a more relational and fair society. And the good news is that we are more motivated by good relationships and doing good than acquiring more stuff. Ironically, the regenerative business generates higher revenues, margins and profits because of this. Happiness is a great motivator.

Delivering reduced inequality

A rising tide lifts all boats. The industrial revolution has delivered increased living standards for millions of people, but the unequal distribution of wealth is causing resentment and unhappiness. Growth has come at the expense of equality. This is a pattern that repeats itself throughout history, that leads to decline and failure, but now the impact is global and avoidable. This inequality actually lowers business productivity and profitability. It's in everyone's interest to lower the current levels of inequality.

Avoid environmental collapse

Infinite growth on a finite planet is not possible. As the world becomes wealthier and as the global population continues to expand, the exponential extraction and pollution of the planet will quickly deplete us of our natural resources. Most likely, before this happens, a chain reaction of weather events will create an environmental collapse quickly followed by economic and societal collapse leading to civil unrest and even wars. This is an issue of over production and consumption. Business leaders are in the best position to avert this issue before a tipping point is reached and events spiral out of control.

Being sustainable is not enough

The planet today is 1.1C above pre-industrial levels. At today's temperature the ice caps are melting causing sea levels to rise, the soil is drying out causing more and more trees to die out, forest fires start more easily, storms are more frequent, droughts increase, deserts expand, there are more health risks, increased poverty and people are displaced. We need to become NET regenerative, replacing by a factor of ten the damage we do to the planet.

Make work more rewarding. Mental health is an issue.

Our transactional way of living and working is creating mental health issues. One in four people experience mental issues each year in the UK. Globally only 20% are engaged at work, just 32% are thriving, 43% are stressed at work, 24% experience a lot of anger and 25% a lot of sadness. Employee engagement is critical to business success.

Companies with 1-1000 staff to the rescue

We need to take the long view. Large corporations are focussed on short-term profit maximisation. If they don't maximise their short-term profits, CEOs lose their jobs, or they get taken over by another company who promises to do better. Small and medium-sized companies with 1 to 1000 staff can take the long view, they are passionate about change and making a difference and will benefit more quickly by developing a regenerative business mindset and way of working.

Awardaroo has helped us improve customer satisfaction levels more generally not just improve call outcomes and take more bookings.
Mark Rogers, General Manager
Langstone Cliff Hotel
When I first saw Awardaroo I thought it would be invaluable, I would stand by that view.
Andrew MacLachlan, General Manager
Best Western Hotel, Reading

Become a NET Regenerative Business

There are many reasons why we need to press 'reset' on the way businesses were run in the past. And when we do, business will be more profitable, we'll create a greener planet and a better world for everybody. As a NET regenerative business your staff will be more engaged, your brand and reputation will sour, referrals will increase, service delivery and customer satisfaction will improve. Moreover, even though you're more profitable, you'll know you're regenerating the planet and creating stronger families and communities and a more resilient society.

Improve your revenue efficiency by 20-30% in the next 3 months

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