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Email Feedback Widgets

Smiley Face Email Feedback Widgets and Surveys

Smiley Face Email Feedback Widgets

Smiley Face Email Feedback Widgets

Embed smiley face email feedback buttons into your email signatures to start collecting valuable insights from your customers to improve your business performance.

Email Feedback Widgets

Smiley Face Email Feedback System

Improve customer satisfaction and drive operational excellence with our smiley face feedback system. 

Our system allows you to easily embed smiley face feedback buttons into your emails to customers. Your customers can then give you satisfaction feedback in real time by using our widgets.

Smiley Face Email Feedback System
Drive Operational Excellence

Drive Operational Excellence

Our feedback widgets are active. This means when they’re selected, this data is immediately registered with the satisfaction rating for that staff member and that department. 

You can also opt in for alert messages to staff members with feedback from the visitor. 

Customer feedback, particularly real-time, allows you to praise and motivate employees. You can follow up on positive feedback to help build your online reviews and build trust with your brand. 

You can also use your real-time feedback to address issues as they arise, identifying them early and resolving them quickly. All of this helps drive operational excellence within your company.

I would highly recommend Awardaroo to anyone running a business where personal interaction with customers is important and where they want to improve that engagement in a meaningful and effective way.
Mitch Mitchison, General Manager
Northwood Estate Agents, Reading
The eCoaching has helped us to recognise more opportunities on the calls, we are much more aware now of how a call can be managed more profitably.

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