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Revenue Intelligence Platform

Take The Guesswork Out Of Business Growth

Take The Guesswork Out Of Business Growth

Our unique revenue intelligence software delivers organisational self-awareness. From day one, our business intelligence solution lets you improve your decision making across your company.

Our Unique Revenue Intelligence Platform

Many business owners take a backseat and we can’t understand why. Critical problems build up, to a point that you’ve no idea how to tackle them or even where to start. 

Our Awardaroo Revenue Intelligence software allows you to escape the ivory tower and get on the frontlines to discover what’s really going on with your company, so you can support your teams and do better. The goal is simple, allow you to lead from the front, instead of pushing from the back. 

Our revenue intelligence platform needs minimal setup and training. You’re good to go from day one to gain actionable insights so you can make more informed business decisions. 

We focus on call tracking and sales and service and call conversation analysis to help you do this.

Drive Operational Excellence Through Insights

Drive your business performance internally with our revenue intelligence platform. Our custom mix of tools and solutions increase the profitability of every incoming sale and service call you take.  

We believe that every interaction with every customer matters. That’s the Awardaroo Way. Our revenue intelligence system gives you the data you need to drive operational excellence and ensure that every call counts.

Using Awardaroo contributed to us winning the ‘Best Estate Agent Guide 2018 – Exceptional’. The staff that engaged with the service really saw the benefits in improved call outcomes.
The eCoaching has helped us to recognise more opportunities on the calls, we are much more aware now of how a call can be managed more profitably.

Improve Call Experience

Awardaroo is set up in minutes. This means you can immediately:

●     Reduce complaints and customer frustrations
●     Identify lost enquiries
●     Improve agent behaviours
●     Improve returns from marketing
●     Increase sales conversion rates
●     Increase positive reviews and testimonials

Improve Customer Experience

Ensure every member of your staff is adhering to the high-quality brand standards, guidelines and best practices with every customer. This ensures you stand out from the competition, increase customer retention and loyalty rates and increase sales.

Improve Online Experience

In today’s digital world, much of our interaction with customers is done online, not just over the phone or in-branch. 

Awardaroo can mystery shop your online experience to test response quality and response timings. This valuable data can show you where you’re thriving and where improvements can be made.  

Benefits of our Revenue Intelligence Platform

Improve your revenue efficiency by 20-30% in the next 3 months

Find out how you can improve your business performance and profitability today. Book a complimentary 30min strategy call to see how internal growth can help transform your business one behaviour at a time, create a greener planet and build a better world. Be part of a global solution, not part of the global problem.

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