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DISC Workshop

Want to improve your relationships at work or at home and gain enhanced insight into both your own and others behaviour? Our DISC personality profile workshop can help you.

DISC Personality Profiling Workshop

Are you surrounded by idiots? Do some people bore you whilst others overwhelm you? Do you worry about being wrong, forgotten, losing control or upsetting people or being taken advantage of?

Each of us will experience these emotions at different times with varying frequency and levels of intensity. Some people are paranoid about being wrong, whilst others fear upsetting people most.

There is one physical world, but millions of different worlds inside our heads. The better you understand your own unique personal mental model and of those around you, the more productive, happy, and fulfilled you will be.

This understanding can lead to improved results at work in any role but in particular in sales and service roles, leadership, team building and conflict management or indeed any role where relationships play a key part.

This has nothing to do with intelligence and some would even argue this is more important than intelligence.

The tough questions we'll be tackling:

  • Would you like to understand yourself better?
  • Would you like to better understand how others see you?
  • Would you like to be a better leader or manager?
  • Do you want to build strong teams?
  • Would you just like to be happier in your own skin?

If you have answered "yes!" to any of these questions then this workshop is for you.

Get to know yourself and others better than you ever could without knowing about personality types.

Prior to the workshop, we will send you a link to your own personality profile assessment to complete and use within the workshop.

By the end of the workshop you will have a better understanding of your own personality type and how you can recognise others so you can adapt your communication style to enjoy more fulfilling relationships, increased confidence and improved performance at work.

For further information, prices and upcoming workshop dates, please call 01189 145 917.